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Ten Minutes a Day Keeps The Doctor Away.
On the peninsula, Caree Walker’s Institute of New Beauty is thrilled to introduce a new way of staying in shape without perspiration, heart tempo alteration or muscle tiredness. The Proellixe is based on technology from NASA and it works!!! Just 10 minutes is equivalent to two hours of physical training.
The system transmits a fast sequence of vibrations specifi cally designed to activate and stimulate muscle walls. This allows direct stimulation of the muscles without producing oxidative stress, which is the typical after-effect following intense muscular activity.

Proellixe works on the whole body, contracting muscles 40 times per second. Clients stand on a small platform, where the Constant Vibration moves up from their feet and all the way through. With just 3 ten-minute sessions a week women can count on positive change.

Caree Walker opened Institute of New Beauty following a career in spa equipment and supply that as taken her across Canada and to the US.  She is best known in the Medical and esthetic  industry as one of the first to have cutting edge technology.

This local business woman has made cuttingedge equipment a part of Institute care since day one. New Beauty also features Acythderm, one of the most innovative and effective Anti-aging treatments Caree has ever come across and her successful career spans 25 years in esthetics and cosmetology.

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